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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


have you ever felt like the night is too long to last?
and your eyes are so hyperactive that it won't close?
and you felt so stressed out because you couldn't sleep and this might affect your functioning the next day?
have you ever felt anxious when bedtime approached because you are afraid that you might not be able to sleep?
have you ever felt like you are waking up way too early then the usual and is unable to sleep again?
have you ever felt that your sleep is not refreshing as its supposed to be?
have you felt that your sleep is being disturbed?

have you noticed that your sleep pattern has already deviate from YOUR normal sleeping pattern without apparent causes (shift work, jet lag etc) and causes impairment in your daily functioning?

you might be suffering from INSOMNIA!

there are many things that can cause insomnia such as depression, psychiatric illness (mania), medical conditions such as cessation of breathing during sleep causing your sleep to be disrupted..and many more...those with causes can be treated by resolving the unresolved medical or psychiatric issues...but there are also insomnia caused by nothing, as in there are no apparent reasons...

if you are suffering with insomnia caused by nothingness, you might wanna try this...

its called SLEEP HYGIENE
this tips are used generally to promote healthy sleep...because healthy sleep contributes to healthy mind and don't take sleep issues lightly, ok?

so here:

  1. ascertain a regular sleep schedule and maintain it!
  2. limit caffeine intake especially at night...caffeine causes your body to be hyperactive so you can't sleep
  3. avoid daytime naps so your body is really tired at night and helps you to sleep
  4. exercise early only in day
  5. soak in hot tub prior to gives some relaxation to you
  6. avoid large meals near bedtime
  7. remove disturbances such as TV, books and phone from bedroom...bedroom is for sleep and sex only!
  8. drink warm milk before sleep. milk contains tryptophan which induces the production of hormones that will help you to sleep
  9. when you reach your bed, close your eyes and clear your mind immediately, try not to think about problems that may bother all this mind bothering things during the days ONLY!
  10. on the bed, practise the relaxation therapy that i have outlined in my previous posts...
  11. despite all this, if you still can't sleep, don't force yourself to sleep...get out of your bedroom and walk around the house without turning on the lights or only use dim light...try to do something really, really boring such as reading an encyclopedia (unless you really love that thing)...once you are sleepy again, go to bed!
try to do this and avoid meds...meds are not always good for you health in the long run....ok?


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