pEnUnGgU pUaKa wAyAnG~

Monday, May 30, 2011


when it seems that all means have been exhausted..
or maybe i have not brought out the best potential of myself and the time is already running out and its too late to try again right now...
all that is left is just to believe in myself..
i have been prepared to face this for the past 5 years (not the past 5 weeks/months/days/hours) , all i need is just a little bit of confidence, patience and faith...just another 3 important days to prove that the past 5 years (and not the past 5 weeks/months/days/hours) has made me a better person, made me useful for others and made me a safe instrument of God....and of course, to prove that the past 5 years has not been a waste...
that is all that it needs...nothing too much nor severe but some wisdom and knowledge will insyaALLAH guide me with ALLAH leading the way...

fear is building up...but it is He who creates the fear...when fear envelopes my soul, it is to Him that i should turn to...

"O Allah! I seek refuge in You from sorrow and sadness, and I seek refuge in You from unablness
and laziness, and I seek refuge in You from cawordliness and miserliness, and I seek refuge in
You from the harshness of debt and the overpower of men"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

one fracture two words..

aka: sepatah dua kata..huhu (inspirasi dari classmate ku yang terkiyal2 cube nak translate ayat disebelah kedalam bahase inggeres..hamek ko! aku translate sejibik sejibik biar ternganga external examiner itu..hahahahahahhaha)

jumpe mak aku and die cite bende terpelik didunia...(pelik untuk aku la, tatawla kat orang lain pelik ke tak)
satu malam neh, adik bongsu aku, zaqieya bermonolog sebelum tido:

kiah: kiah sayang babah, kiyah sayang mama, kiyah sayang kakak yong (haku le tuh~), kiyah sayang kakak akis
mama: eh? itu je ke sayang? abang ayip tak sayang?
kiah: sayang...
mama: abang luqman?
kiah: sayang...
mama: abang faiz?
kiah: tak sayang...
mama: kenape pulak???
kiah: sebab abang faiz lelaki...
mama: aik, abis, abang ayip, abang luqman dengan babah bukan lelaki ke?
kiah: lelaki jugak...tapi abang faiz tu hensem, sebab tu kiah tak sayang...
mama: gelak~(aku? tengah makan pisang mama cite tuh terus tersedak, seb baik tak mati tercekik..huk)

semalam aku lak tanye die...kiah, hensem tuh ape....?
kiah: hensem tuh kelakar...


Sunday, May 8, 2011

3 weeks

3 weeks to go, i told them...3 weeks to go and i am done with my studies in medSCHOOL..
but it actually doesn't mean anything because, once you have ended 1 school, you'll be attending another school..the school of real life, and this one lasts forever...

i am not scared of the next 3 weeks..not because i am prepared (coz i am not, and i am merely taking those excellent people's words for granted which are, we have passed unless we did something really2 wrong and just do what we normally do in the wards blablabla..)..i am not scared of the exam, because, if i fail it means that i am not ready enough to be serving/handling people's life..that i can't be responsible YET, that it means i get another opportunity to perfect myself before going into the next life (in this world la)...but if i pass, does that mean i can be trusted enough with another person's LIFE?? that's what scare me most at this moment because the time for my moment of carefree-ness has come so near to its end and i haven't still made up my mind about myself...hmm

Monday, May 2, 2011

intellectual retards day out..

kerana bosan, maka ini lah jadiknye...(kreatif sangat neh)
enjoy the pics~
apparently, the sun doesn't set here at this part of the world

i can FLY!!

i am tarzan!!

and the treacherous root gives way..damn, isn't there any better way to say that i am just too much for you? huk

i am DYING!! hellllppppp!!!!

i am so jealous..why can't i be as paper thin as him???

man: hei you, look, i can jump!!
women: excellent, the puppet string works!

woman: RUN!!
man: waiiitttt~~my puppeteer is sleeping..i can't move

man: now i can run but why the hell are you  turning around?
woman: so that i can give you a flying kick..heheheheh

man: ah..apparently, you are too short, you can't reach me dear..YEEHAAA!!
woman: fine....huh

say RUN!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

mad people running for no reason

intact 12th cranial nerve



intact 7th cranial nerve and thyrotoxicosis

5th cranial nerve palsy..jaw deviation..ahaks

no diagnosis..just retards..~

Sunday, May 1, 2011

little wonder in my life..

i can't believe this is not the first thing i wrote here....!
last Tuesday (26 april 2011) marks the first day in my life as a medical student that i get to hold a newborn in my arms just a few hours after she entered the world...and much more meaningful is, the newborn is my friend's first daughter!! how cool is that???

she's the cutest thing ever who made my day that day...
i couldn't believe i get to experience this, that i get to be one of the first few people who gets to hold the baby of my old-school (primary school) friend and neighbour (of course, the labour room isn't open for public people and cameras except for us~ahaks)...its beyond words..

she's so adorable!! that is to be expected since both her parents are good looking..ahaks...
she's so fluffy, i am gonna die!! hahaha (excerpt from despicable me~)

COOL!! we have the same color, but you are cuter...(never mind, today you win because its your BIRTHDAY baby..mmuuaahhx!!)
10 years from now, i will be looking back into this post and thinks, how little wonders like this creates a better person in the future...

dear wani and muaz: both of you are blessed by God with this new soul, it is now your choice to paint her life into whatever color you not waste it..may God's blessing continues to be upon both of you and shows you to be the best parents a child could ever have...thank you very much for sharing the beautiful experience with us..i am so grateful!~

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