pEnUnGgU pUaKa wAyAnG~

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jangan dikesali
Atas apa yang terjadi
Mungkin rahmat sebaliknya
Membuahkan bahagia

~anuar zain~

Sunday, April 15, 2012

a decision of lifetime

once upon a time i had to make a very difficult decision, a decision forced to be made with very little choice for me..
a decision that moves me to tears each time i thought about it, which is every seconds of my life, a decision that causes me to change from someone bubbly into a more serious person, a life changing and permanent decision..
a decision that will change me from being a single girl to a married lady...i eventually agreed to jump on marriage-ship board, with the knowledge that God knows what He's doing for me, with the knowledge that this will prevent me from further destruction of my life, with a belief that the person whom i hate actually loves me will all his heart and will always try to protect me from any sort of harm even if i can't do the same for him...
3 years on the ship, fighting all sorts of storm and hurricane, crazy waves and lightning, we survived and may i say i was very grateful for being brave enough to make up this decision, despite boarding the ship at a very young 22 year old and him 23 year old, both a 3rd year student with a bright yet still faraway future and no financial support of our own...there was so many obstacles as we sail across the ocean, but i will never change it for any other thing in life...what is adventure, happiness, money and everything life can offer you if its not shared with someone who actually really cares for your well-being, who really appreciate everything that you cherish and holds you when things went wrong as you trudge along? friends are never same as a spouse...friends only share the laughter, never the tears...even if they did, it never last long..
therefore, i am very content with my life-altering decision...i may have cried a million tears to make this decision but the still on-going outcome is very fulfilling for me...i am happy~that's all that's matters..

now, i am faced with another choices of decision to make, where the choices are very do you choose between your career and a life? its totally impossible which makes it looks like decision has already been made...
i cried each day...just like i did 3 years ago..
and i am now making a life-altering decision without much options..and pray hard to God that it is going to be worth the pain...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


belum beranak lagi tp dah meroyan macam ape je~
i'm freaking out because i feel like i have lost control of my own life..this baby simply took a lot out of me~
don't get me wrong, i love it but i am going crazy..
i feel like i have no strength to live for tomorrow..
i went to work only to feel like i am going to pass out that instance...
the only thing that i can think of now is to quit what i am doing and concentrate on trying to survive...

HIT2 me...