pEnUnGgU pUaKa wAyAnG~

Monday, April 11, 2011


saye mahu balik...
saye tak pedulik..

you can't make me choose between you who are not blood related to me and my own, i am trained in a boarding school where all this stupid things about grooming and eating has been taught to me, so why do you think you can change me at all if 5 years of training previously did not affect me in any ways?

oh by the way mr whoever you are, i am NOT finishing school yet to be attending a finishing school programme..(uh oh, define finishing school please~)

mode: sangat marah dan kecewa sbb dah sebulan tak balek and ade pulak makhluk2 yang cube tak nak bagi saye balik last2 minit..huh

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