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Saturday, April 9, 2011

gabai retreat

excellent day for a picnic (jangan kate haku tak ajak plak, aku dah post kat fb okay..ahaks)
we have never been to Gabai falls actually eventhough its located less than an hour from our place...
we got lost because of the bloody stupid GPS who keeps recalculating the route, but luckily the people at the kajang silk tolls and grand saga tolls are well rehearsed as to where this fall is located so we arrived there safely and within the time limit that we set which is at 830am..early, right? especially for people like us who never arrived early to hospital when its only 15 mins away..ahaks...reason being is we want to get the best spot before that place becomes overcrowded..true enough, there were only 5 families there when we arrived and i am so THRILLED because i get to bath at the foot of the fall...the thunderous waterfall was amazing, it makes you dizzy showering beneath it...and its so SUPER freezing cold!! i usually can stand an hour without getting out shivering like mad, but now i lasted for only 30minutes...hiks...
we had to pay rm1 per person,  but i guess it is worth it as the place is so rubbish seen around, but maybe that's because we are amongst the early birds and the place has just been cleaned...huhu
going there was a brilliant experience...its near to KL yet the environment was totally different, like you are in another state feels like being back to my village..the fresh air does gives you different aura..what a wonderful way to start a weekend...
we didn't stay long however...we were there only for about 3 hours as the place started to become crowded with time i am going to buy my own tent so that when we go there again, i could sleep in peace inside the tent and not care how many people is bathing there...ahaks..


BSB should use this place for their song DROWNING~
This one looks like he's the tsunami victim...
heaven on earth..Subhanallah~
breakfast for the day..simple~baked potato, burger and sausages
enduring the coldness 
i almost lost my specs here because of the speed of the water, it took my specs out of my ears and eyes and everything, but thank God when i searched for it in the water (this place is in between rocks and its deep) using my foot, my toes somehow managed to find it and grab hold of is a miracle, i thought i had no chance anymore..alhamdulillah~
even my notes gets to go picnicking...(no, i don't read it)
air terjun sungai gabai
definitely will do!


mawarsariamani said...

bestnye...... *jeles*

beyl said...

mawar: ahaks..nnt kite gi sesame ramai2 okeh? masak2 atas tuh best woh!!

HIT2 me...