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Sunday, April 3, 2011

i don't dance?

i don't dance..nope..
i look simply horrible when i dance...
but i love it..
i love watching people dance, it feels like the inner body of me moves along..
it greatly interest me...

so, i think i am going to take up dancing now...
just as part of my losing weight regime seeing as there are so many restrictions to my daily exercise..
i finished class at 7.00pm nowadays which rules out jogging
i live so faraway from the pool and the pool has got schedules which is sometimes hard to follow, thus rules out swimming (and i SO LOVE IT!! damn~)
skipping is so strenuous and not fun when done alone...i lasted only 15 minutes each sessions and i have got no other time to be doing another 15 min session...

but today, i tried might have been strenuous, but i don't feel it (or maybe its not) and it is so much fun when done alone as i don't want people to be laughing at me..hehehe..and i lasted 30mins at one need to lossen up my body, i guess...its so stiff i couldn't follow the grace dancing of the instructor..she's so fast!
however, its a great start~

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