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Thursday, December 30, 2010

so sad

when it comes to the differences between religions, people should watch "my name is khan"
then you will know..humans are all the same..regardless of their belief, creed and race..color..
we all have the same red blood, share the same round earth, the same shining sun, the same beautiful stars..
what differs us from others is our may be a Muslim, but if you act like a person with no heart and sympathy, making other people's life miserable, can you proudly say that you are a Muslim..? or if not proudly, can you even say you are a Muslim??

do not use Islam as a reason to make you politically successful..
it just makes you look stupid..
we are all Muhammad saw's beloved ummats..he says so when he is dying..he never says his ummat are only the Muslims.. we are all his ummat..
he never forbids non-Muslim to come to the mosque wearing whatever they wanted..
he didn't even get angry when a non-Muslim went into the mosque and pee in it...he only clean it up quietly and advices the person, which make the non-Muslim opens his heart and becomes a Muslim..
whats more just for an exercise with all the other Muslims, would you imagine the prophet will be ever be angry about it??

isn't that the beauty of Islam?
it has never make restrictions to anything at all...
it all depends on your heart and niat..

people around the world (apart from Malaysia) enters the mosque regardless of their religion to learn about Islam..freely...and the Muslim brothers there greets them with pleasure in whatever cloth they are wearing...why can't we become like them instead of shove people away and tarnish the beauty of Islam??

it sickens me to the core...

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