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Friday, December 17, 2010

the oddity~

went to natural muzium aka muzium alam semulajadi at precint 15 putrajaya and saw excellent rocks which is of course not the normal rocks you'll see in your daily life..i am not a rock lover, unless you count the ones that sits on my fingers (none~)...though i'd really love to have one of those meteor rocks that they've turned into rings, lockets and earrings which they are selling there and kinda pricey but of course they are rocks from the moon that landed on the earth man!! how cool is that??? you might not be able to bring your love ones to the outer space (even Sheikh Muszaffar can't do that, poor darling wifey~hahaha) but you definitely can bring the outer space thingy for you love here are some pics...unfortunately i forgot to snap those lovely meteor rings and lockets...shite~

this one has got some fossils on it...i thought it was roses frozen to the stone but actually they are snails...hahahaha

this one definitely has got a leaf on ehh

this is a stone with multiple dinosaur eggs stucked on it...i thought it was a dinosaurs's gallbladder with stones in it..huk~ cute right? stones that become stones

i dunno what this says there dessert rose but it most definitely does not resemble any kind of roses that i know

this is a stone of some type that i cannot spell that has been carved into a statue made for someone by someone from a gobbledegook island..hihi

ooooo...i love this stone cez it looks like the organization of my plates in my kitchen..har (yes, i do have a VERY wide imagination)

this is a thing called small dean (i am NOT joking) whomever that aspires to become a dean, maybe you need one of this in your living room...for luck..(yeah, i am joking~) haha

ah, a long lost friend of his...hahahaha...see, the same shirt color~auww so sweet...harharhar (i am DEFINITELY joking)

the reason that i am dead and being reborn again is that this bryde whale ate me and got himself preserved so that i am being released again...


mawarsariamani said...

ape kejadah batu2 itu kelihatan lain macam? hahaha BM kontang kanting! :P

beyl said...

hhahaha..sebab tuh laa tajuk muzium tuh the odd rocks...sume batu pelik2..pegila tgk! best woo

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