pEnUnGgU pUaKa wAyAnG~

Thursday, August 25, 2011

my wedding preparation..

i'm loving it but its taking away all the energy i have, it makes me wonder how people actually go into war during fasting period..huhu..
mostly the item we use for the dowry and bridal room are handmade so as to save the basically it involves making flowers out of fabrics, stitching stuff, gluing things, scrutinizing and getting frustrated at random objects, ironing a 10 feet curtain, getting backache, sleepless nights and headaches..all in the name of cutting the budget..hehe
should my child wants to get married in a low cost situation, i would strongly advice them to stay away from having the reception during raya...huhu

the 10 feet curtain..dunno why the picture is so ugly like this..bought the purple curtain with my own money..rm2 per meter but the cream one i borrowed from my grandmother...
side rack instead of side table..spent rm20 for this rack~there will a bowl filled with purple pot pourri but will be added later because i can't stand the perfume...hahaha
handmade dowry tray...hehehehe pillows more like..spent rm25 for all of these
handmade flowers for the bridal room expenditure for this flowers and the purple curtain not yet confirmed..
side table...i had to spend about rm25 for this table...but i will be needing some fresh flowers for the vase later...


nadenthes xotricossa said...

lawa la bunge kaen tuh kak.

beyl said...

trime kasih..hehe senang je buatnye tuh~nnt jemput datang ye kenduri tu...bawak satu famili datang..

HIT2 me...