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Monday, January 17, 2011

the oath of Muslim physician

in the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful
praise be to Allah, the sustainer of His creation, the all-knowing
glory be to Him, the eternal, the all-pervading
O Allah, Thou art the only Healer
i serve none but Thee, and as the instrument of Thy will,
i commit myself to Thee
i render this Oath in Thy holy name and i undertake:

  1. to be the instrument of Thy Will and Mercy, and in all the humbleness, to exercise justice, love and compassion for all Thy creation
  2. to extend my hand of service to one and all, to the rich and the poor, to friend and foe alike, regardless of race, religion and color
  3. to hold human life as precious and sacred, and to protect and honour it at all times and under all circumstances in accordance to Thy Law
  4. to do my utmost to alleviate pain and misery, and to comfort and counsel human beings in sickness and anxiety
  5. to respect the confidence and guard the secrets of all patients
  6. to maintain the dignity of health care, and to honor the teachers, students and members of my profession
  7. to strive in the pursuit of knowledge in Thy name for the benefit of mankind, and to uphold human honor and dignity
  8. to acquire the courage to admit my mistakes, mend my ways and to forgive the wrong of others
  9. to be ever conscious of my duty to Allah and His Messenger (S.A.W) and to follow the precepts of Islam in private and public
O Allah, grant me strength, patience and dedication to adhere to this Oath at all times...

(source: World Conference of Islamic Medical Associations, Kuwait, 1981) 

~may i never forget this~

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