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Saturday, January 1, 2011

mission 2011

JANUARY: visits Kuching, thus i am officially malaysian because i have been to all states in malaysia..well, i might not be able to visit every part of the states, but i guess that's enough for now..this month also i need to enter sem 10..not just enter, but enter it with high spirit..yes


MARCH: study

APRIL: study

MAY: celebrate my 24th birthday (25/5/11)...well, i want a good one because it'll be my last one among my dear friends and is going to be another long time before i am going to celebrate it with them again i suppose..dunno what the future holds for me..and yes, the most important thing about this month is my exit exam, held at the end of it..i need to be prepared by now!!!!!!!

JUNE: get mentally prepared to become a doctor..(i don't think any other things should be more important than this)...and try and get myself placed in hospitals in sabah and sarawak..i've decided that i am too young to be settling down at 1 place only...i should walk around and see people from different walks of life..maybe i need to plan for my wedding, that all depends on the time left after pro 3

JULY: become a good House officer (if i already become one) and try hard to give all the best a patient should receive as a human being and as a malaysian..and once i am an HO, i wanna start saving up money for a car and to go for pilgrimage with my mum as soon as possible..i don't want to go for Hajj at old age..huk

AUGUST: undecided just yet

SEPTEMBER: if i am already a HO at a hospital in sabah or sarawak, i wanna fly my mum over there and celebrate her birthday there! yes...that'll be nice...

OCTOBER: undecided just yet

NOVEMBER: i've booked 11/11/11 for something but i am not quite sure what its for...i guess i'll just have to wait and see or plan something earlier so when it reaches this date, it'll be perfect..(whatever am i talking about? i am not making sense at all)

DECEMBER: review my achievements and see if i can announce myself as the best person the earth ever have..huk.. i must have a car already, a bit of a fortune to get myself and mum to Mekah, a house, some money to get my mum a new car...maybe a baby~


faRhaNA sHaFIe said...

11.11.11 aku dh booked..utk ape? hah itu yg kite tak tau...ahahaha

luqman ahmad said...

like ayat last for december~haha=))

beyl said...

luqman: hahahahhahahahahahha ape yang awk tak suke hah?

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