pEnUnGgU pUaKa wAyAnG~

Friday, January 28, 2011


just found about this funny thing from facebook where you can change your normal english (US) into a pirate english...their english doesn't sound like sentences to me (more like gruntings and scowlings) and i find it hard to decipher its meanings but having something new for a change (even its just the language on your FB) is really good for the soul, right? hahahaha...

now i get a new label in front of my name: cap'n about a year time, i'll be able to add a new one, inshaallah so it becomes cap'n dr nabilla...even if its just on facebook...huk~

i mean, what does amend yer ledger means?? are they some sort of neologisms?

anyway, heres the instructions should you feel like trying it on your facebook profile:
Scroll to the bottom of your Facebook profile page where it says in little blue letters, "English (US)." Click on it. 

When the language box pops up, click on the arrow next to "English (US) and select "English (Pirate)." 

When you've stopped laughing, spread the word or paste this as your status! Arr!

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