pEnUnGgU pUaKa wAyAnG~

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

happy without love

its been a long time since i was really in love..
when love makes me feel like i am flying in the air...
when love turns everything dark into beauty
when love forces a smile though i don't feel like it..
that feeling has gone too long ago..
and i have forgotten what it feels like to be truly and madly in love...
what i am feeling now is a longing..a longing for love~
for a love that is impossible, maybe

like they say,'bagai pungguk rindukan bulan'
and i am d victim~


putri nur amira elisya said...

be strong as strong as badang ok???

beyl said...

thanx babes! hehehe cool2..

HIT2 me...