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Saturday, July 24, 2010

bile tak sedar diri...

skrg da ade 5 loves...tapi sume pon ade orang nak.....kot...hahaha

uuuuu cantiknyeee...kekekeke bangge ngan diri sndrik

neh sejenis beg hp that took me 2 days to finish it...

berbaring di dataran putra...owhh bestnyeee

always thought that, its not the sex education that is too important to be carried out now, but more of religious and moral education that makes the children understood what is meant by being shameful of letting people touch them unnecessarily and showing off their valuable body parts, of how bad things happens once the feeling of shame is not in their heart and mind anymore, and to teach the boys how to respect the girls like they did to their mothers and make them understand the power of making decisions and how to do it right...and the importance of having the"good" love in their heart...its always back to basics and u won't go wrong...inshaAllah~

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