pEnUnGgU pUaKa wAyAnG~

Friday, June 25, 2010

of love and hate..

u say u love me...when i asked you why, u couldn't answer it...
u said, its a feeling that just grows on ur heart that u couldn't explain
so u ask my hand...
u married me for the unknown reason
just the word love that is undescribable... weak the word is?
so all that is left for me now is proof of your love...
so darling...

u loved me when i dunno how to cook
but will u love me, when my back ache that i couldn't cook for you?
u loved me when i dunno how to take care of a home
but will u love me, when my nose starts sneezing each time i hold the broom..?
u loved me when i loved someone else
but will u love me, when my heart bleeds that i don't want to look at you?
u loved me when i eagerly follows u wherever you go...
but will u love me, when my knee hurts, that i couldn't walk with you?
u love me whenever i make jokes at you..
but will u love me, when my head throbs that all i want to do is to yell at you?
you love me when i reluctantly allows u to spend all ur money on your car...
but will u love me, when my tummy twists that i vomits in your precious car?
u love me bcez u r proud 2 b able to hold my hands as my husband
but will u love me, when my hand breaks that i am unable to hold your hand?
u love me when i said, hurm, lets have a baby!
but will u love me, when my womb fails to give u any child?

for everything that you did for me, the return might not be as good...will u love me enough to be able to handle this?


ur hubby said...

will always love u honey.....u complete me

haridan said...

sweetnye korg ni.huuu~~

Anonymous said...

wait, "will u love me when i love someone else?"

what is that supposed to mean?

arent u suppose to love ur husband ONLY?

isnt that what marriage is all about?

and as a Muslim, isnt that made u a nusyuz wife?

praying to God, do whatever God asked u to do, and in the end ure being a bad wife to ur husband and have feelings to other men?

u are blessed with a wonderful husband, why still thinking of other men, eventhough without your husband knowing it?

GOD KNOWS WHAT ARE YOU THINKING! u are married for God's sake!

im a wife too, i know that sometimes you just suddenly thinking of old flames and what not. but what i do? immediately shut off that feelings because that would be unfair to my husband

dont regret until one day, when your husband suddenly have no trust or feelings towards you anymore, and that old flame also dont give a damn about you.

what ever reason that you guys got married for, either bad or good, forget about it. now that u cant reverse the time, just make the most of the present time. make it work!

so dont be stupid, anyway, ure a med student right? so be wise

Anonymous said...
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beyl said...

mrs anonymous...whoever u r..u dun have to like scream at me like that when u dun even know what is meant by that statement...i am not stupid, isn't as bad as u might think because u dun even know anything, and who r u to judge me?? and who says i am thinking about any man anyway??? i dun even have any "old flames".....i dun even need one anymore god, ladies, can't u girls just stop and think before u start bombarding people u dun even know???

btw, doesn't my husband's statement above means anything to u?? even he knows what is meant by each word i wrote here....

u might think u r trying to set things right by giving advice n what not, but don't u realize that what u say is so dangerous that it can set apart what's me n husband has worked for??

u r saying bad things at me without please, next time think and use ur brain a bit...

HIT2 me...