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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ECG made dizzy~

lagi hari yang pelik2...hari neh taruk ECG kat sorg makcik neh...ECG neh gunenye nak tgk same ade jantung kt neh ok ke apparently, when i take her ECG the reading was soo i thought maybe salah letak...and the nurse pon cek la due tige kali..amek reading die pon due tige kali...but the same thing we assumed mesin tuh da rosak (bape punye sengal la manusia!!)..n then she went to see the doctor with the ECG but a few minutes later, doctor order buat ECG we did the ECG again and still the reading was sooo weird..mcm tak betol la sgt2..and it didnt even occured to me to ask anything to her regarding her condition because she seems so well..i thought die datang just for screening! n then dah buat the ECG she went to see the doctor again..and then i left that ECG counter and went elsewhere, only to find out later that the aunty has been sent to Hospital Kajang because actually she is having a heart attack... can i be soo dumb? no wonder laa the ECG was can it be normal when someone is having a freaking heart attack? its like staring and dancing in front of me and i didn't even recognise it...thank goodness i am still a student so that if anythi
ng were to happen to that lady, it is not within my responsibilities...and here we can see that, in medical, the patient does not present exactly like in the books...dalam buku kate, kalo org ade heart attack, they will have chest pain and doesnt even look well at all..not like this lady who looks so well...sigh~so always expect the unexpected~

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