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Monday, May 2, 2011

intellectual retards day out..

kerana bosan, maka ini lah jadiknye...(kreatif sangat neh)
enjoy the pics~
apparently, the sun doesn't set here at this part of the world

i can FLY!!

i am tarzan!!

and the treacherous root gives way..damn, isn't there any better way to say that i am just too much for you? huk

i am DYING!! hellllppppp!!!!

i am so jealous..why can't i be as paper thin as him???

man: hei you, look, i can jump!!
women: excellent, the puppet string works!

woman: RUN!!
man: waiiitttt~~my puppeteer is sleeping..i can't move

man: now i can run but why the hell are you  turning around?
woman: so that i can give you a flying kick..heheheheh

man: ah..apparently, you are too short, you can't reach me dear..YEEHAAA!!
woman: fine....huh

say RUN!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

mad people running for no reason

intact 12th cranial nerve



intact 7th cranial nerve and thyrotoxicosis

5th cranial nerve palsy..jaw deviation..ahaks

no diagnosis..just retards..~


roi said...

memang gila muahahaha

haridan said...

best!terhibur sye :)

nadenthes xotricossa said...


HIT2 me...