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Sunday, May 8, 2011

3 weeks

3 weeks to go, i told them...3 weeks to go and i am done with my studies in medSCHOOL..
but it actually doesn't mean anything because, once you have ended 1 school, you'll be attending another school..the school of real life, and this one lasts forever...

i am not scared of the next 3 weeks..not because i am prepared (coz i am not, and i am merely taking those excellent people's words for granted which are, we have passed unless we did something really2 wrong and just do what we normally do in the wards blablabla..)..i am not scared of the exam, because, if i fail it means that i am not ready enough to be serving/handling people's life..that i can't be responsible YET, that it means i get another opportunity to perfect myself before going into the next life (in this world la)...but if i pass, does that mean i can be trusted enough with another person's LIFE?? that's what scare me most at this moment because the time for my moment of carefree-ness has come so near to its end and i haven't still made up my mind about myself...hmm

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