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Sunday, October 9, 2011

new life

currently in tawau, with my husband who has already started work as a house officer in tawau general hospital..
my first impression of tawau: empty..hahahahahaha
but its the life that i have always imagined..quiet, peaceful and village-like..
so i can't complain a lot
i am homesicked..i miss my mum most and cried every night..its been a long time since i have separated from her, and yet never this far...somehow it makes me wonder, how other people manage to live in the overseas, a million miles away from their family..they must be very brave and steel-hearted...i must be like them!! i guess being jobless (at my own choice) makes me have too much time to let my emotion wander..

thank goodness i am here for work, because then i will be able to earn money and get my mum here..if i am here to study, i can't imagine how badly homesick i will be..huhu

anyways, i am truly looking forward to explore yet another new place i have never been to~
hopefully, its worth all the pain...

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