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Saturday, October 22, 2011

a life plan

i'm watching people near me~left and right, front and back calculating on their life plans..
trying to carry out their lives based on a plan that they have outlined before by themselves or by some other people, parents or spouses perhaps..
somehow i couldn't grasp the idea of a planned life, so detailed its making me lose my nerves..
all i wanted to do is enjoy everyday of my life (in a good way) and trying to make the best out of it everyday without having to worry about yesterday or tomorrow...
sure, i have to have a vision of what i am going to be 10 years from now and work for it..i do have it~
but what i couldn't understand is how do you make the vision so detailed when you couldn't even know what's going to happen tomorrow? or maybe, the next hour of your life...or maybe, the next second...

my plan in 10 years is become an excellent mother like what i have as a child.. and even better, a mother who will be able to provide material and emotional fulfillment to my family, and most importantly to my that is going to happen really depends on how i carry out my life today and tomorrow..
so i picture myself as someone who is a mostly-home-based full-time mother and part-time doctor..being a mother is i suppose a natural instinct in all women, so the only thing i have to work on now is to make myself a part-time doctor~which isn't actually an ambitious plan of all, though i am sure isn't going to be easy as well, but i believe, it'll give more satisfaction to me...because then, i will have more time to explore the world with my worldly possession aka my family...
anyway, who am i working hard for if not for my own family and ultimately for His blessings?
and apart from that, become an investor with my husband so that my children have a good future...(this is a very cliche statement)

the details of it will be outlined as my life goes on, at how every decisions in every aspect of life are made by us,   at how we carry out ourselves as a civilized human being...and that's what i am trying very hard to do now because it involves my deeply in-grained personality as well as emotional and intelligent quotient..

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