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Thursday, September 8, 2011

wedding preparation 2...

i am knackered!!!
but satisfied
and absolutely nervous....takut..takut..takut..
and i really, really need a good break after this before i start working...
will someone please sponsor my honeymoon??

hantaran almost ready

room decoration done! just need to find some fresh flowers for my vase

close up view of my hand-made floral carpet..hehe

i just love this thing!

hand-made backdrop done~do excuse the untidy bed..huhu
close up!

menu of the day:

1.       Main menu:
a.       Nasi minyak dan nasi putih
b.      Daging masak hitam: imported from kampung! home made!!!
c.       Ayam masak merah
d.      Gulai kawan daging
e.      Ayam kuzi: home-made by my mama!! one of the reasons of my 2 sleepless nights
f.        Ikan masin
g.       Acar buah
h.      Ulaman dan sambal belacan

2.       Side dish
a.       Laksa
b.      Lemang
c.       Serunding
d.      Nasi impit dan kuah kacang: home made also by my mama!!-also one of the reason of my 
sleepless night... 
3.       Dessert:
a.       Bubur kacang
b.      Tapai: all the way from my other kampung in Tampin!
c.       Buah-buahan
d.      Donat
e.      Karipap

4.       Minuman:
a.       Teh tarik
b.    Sirap selasih

last but not least, my prayers that everything will go smoothly...without any casualties...huhu

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